sunshine at daybreak


Retroflect - Germinate Introflect - Gestate Proflect - Gravitate Vivisect - Gravida A breath while asleep is but a subtle thing As stars strive to peep and skies cease to sing Licking my eyeballs with yummy intensions Wrapped in a dream-car inventing dimensions Write. Record. Collaborate. Absorb. Push. Live. Do. Become. Drink. Be. Find. Hunt. Eat. As we enter the realm of each new day While we waltz with waves wondering which way (Absorb. Become.) The subtle kiss of your touch The delicate embrace of your clutch Deep inside there lies a prize When i reach down you'll widen your eyes Jugs of milk, opaque with size From inside her boxx, my empire will rise Sunshine seeps into my skull Placid mind Frozen reality Mental bind Locken inside of me This placid mind inside my brain Sits and stares but can't complain Every sunset brings a sunrise Let the shine into your eyes Sunshine seeps into my skull I am my mind: Death might be dull

backing vocals are by Groovy Chick
guitars, bass, vox by fly

i dig the bass fills on this song