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guitar and bass tab

Music Tablature Repository:
"red barchetta" Rush
"red barchetta (bass tab)" Rush
"angie" the Stones
"sympathy for the devil" Stones; guitar
"sympathy for the devil" Stones; bass
"the call of ktulu" Metallica
"fade to black" Metallica
"little guitars" eddie van halen
"plush" Stone Temple Pilots
"hotel kalifornia" the Eagles
"yyz" Rush
"wish you were here" Pink Floyd
  • little lover - ac/dc

  • angie - stones

  • back door man - the doors

  • big balls - ac/dc

  • five to one - the doors

  • brown-eyed girl - van morrison

  • she's got the jack - ac/dc

  • gloria - the doors

  • wild child - the doors

  • so vast as the sky - thievery corporation

  • little wing - jimi hendrix

  • sympathy for the devil - stones

  • the trees - rush

  • don't stand so close to me - police

  • rhiannon - fleetwood mac

  • the end - the doors